Friday, April 19, 2019

Bloom and Grow: OddBall Art Newsletter

Hello everyone!

I'm beyond excited today to share with you the new freebie image from OddBall Art stamps. I had the pleasure of designing the image, and though i was quite nervous about the endeavor, I warmed myself with a bit of self confidence,  and created this creepy cute piece.
 My style of drawing, nothing compared to Lizzys amazing work, is significantly different from hers. I wanted do create a linear design, that could be used with any of her other images.

I paired this creepy cutie with IMG#447 Mason Jars to create a fun , "inspirational" piece. 

I hope you join us over at the OddBall blog and newsletter. You can sign up directly in the website. Each Friday, the newsletter is packed with inspiration,  new releases and a freebie! 

You can browse all the images available in the website, and remember to use coupon code Eny1 to get one FREE image with the purchase of two! 

Happy crafting!

Eny Dunn ❤

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Jumbo Tag featuring OddBall Art Stamp

Hello everyone

Today i wanted to share a coloring process video featuring OddBall Art Stamp IMG#525 Big Eye Girl Zombie Not Alive 365.

You can find the full video tutorial by visiting my YouTube channel. Remember you can use coupon code Eny1 to get one FREE image with the purchase of two!

Happy crafting!
Eny ❤

Monday, April 8, 2019

Cirlce Boxes | Packaging Ideas

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

Today on the blog I want to share with you how easy it can be to create your own circle boxes. These are perfect for gift giving, packaging ideas, decor and many more.

 You want to begin by gathering all your items. For this project I used several circle dies, making sure one is slightly larger than the other. The larger one will be for the lid, the smaller one for the base. You can also use stencils or any other circular object you have to trace the cirlce. Make sure sure that the largest one is no more than 5 1/4 inch all around.
You will also need three strips of paper measuring 3x12. These have to be either the same color cardstock or pattern paper, to have a cohesive flow.
 All three strips will be scored the 1/2 inch mark, at length,  only on one side. One of those strip you will then cut at the 6 inch mark, and this gives you two smaller strips.
 Adhere one of the smaller strips to one side of one of the long strips. Making sure it only adhered at around a 1/2 , that way you are left with a very long strip to work with.
 Along the 1/2 inch score line, you will cut several notches, from one end of the strip, to the next.
 Bend and fold each notch to create a crease. This will make it easier to adhere to your circles.
 For todays project I will be using the Xyron Mega Runner. I find it to be a very easy-to-use tape runner. Requires minimal pressure and it has a very easy glide.
 Once the desired glue is applied to the notches,  you want to adhere said notches to your cirlce. Choose which size will be the interior of the box and make sure it facing you, so the notches are glued to the back of the circle.

And just like that, either the base or lid are ready! I also cut out two extra circles, in the coordinating size, to cover up the notches before I proceed to decorating.
Stack them up together by size, largest to smallest circle box, and you can create a fun paper birthday cake!

For a full tutorial make sure to visit my YouTube channel.

Thank you for joining me today and I hope you have a wonderful and crafty day!

Eny ❤

Friday, April 5, 2019

Creepy Cute Chronicles!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another fun feature for the OddBall Art Friday newsletter. Todays crept cute freebie is an adorable Bones Pup. Every week, we as designers/ambassadors get to pair images to create a fun project.

For this page in art journal I used IMG#238 Creepy Cute Kawaii Bus Stop Pheobe and Friends. 

I really wanted to have fun with this cute pair! You can catch the full tutorial nd coloring process on my YouTube Channel.

Remember to sign up for the OddBall newsletter for inspiration, new releases and this adorable Bones Pup freebie!

Happy crafting,

Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring Wreath|Xyron Product Feature

Hello everyone!

Happy April 1st! Spring showers have begun in full swing here in Florida,  and they have me dreaming of May flowers.

Today, I will be sharing with you my very first project as a Xyron Maker for 2019! I thought it would be fitting to create a lovely Spring Wreath using the Xyron Create-A-Sticker Max machine. This beautiful machine, has a 5" permanent adhesives cartridge, that's not only perfect for creating stickers, but also a quick way to add adhesive to intricate dies.
 I will be using large plastic embroidery hoop as my base. I find they work wonderful for paper projects.
 To begin, I want to fill the entire circumference with greenery. I used a Tim Holtz Sizzix Bigz Die L from to cut out all the leaves I will be using. To give a ethereal, soft effect,  I used green glassine paper and gold vellum.
 Using the Xyron Create-A-Sticker Max, will make this project come together quick and easy. In place my die cuts on the front slot of the machine, and using the rotating feature, my pieces will come out the back of the machine on a strip of paper. Rotate u till you see your die cuts fully out of the machine, tear the piece of paper and done!

 Now you have permanent adhesive included on the back of your die cuts, peel off and use on any smooth surface.

I repeat the process,  this time using some Spellbinders flower dies.
I loved creating this project for all of you, and I hope you will catch a full tutorial by visiting my YouTube channel!

Happy Crafting!
Eny Dunn